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Aeranger, Short Film, Review And Interview

When first looking at the short film Aeranger you might be tempted to think you are going to see a fantasy crossover. Instead you are given a solid sci-fi story. The beauty of the story is it delivers what is promised, without try so hard to prove itself. The visual effects are presented in the same manner of solid story telling.

Aeranger was screened at the 2019 FilmQuest film festival (website).

I recommend Aeranger to science fiction fans. This is a great introduction to what Anthony Ferraro gives in his web series and informational YouTube channel (he gives more information on those below.

Synopsis: A space traveler crash lands into Earth while desperately searching for a surrogate planet with the proper resources to save her people and home planet.

Anthony shares his inspiration for Aerangerand for being a filmmaker (from what I've seen, I think he is a solid sci-fi fan and he found his niche). He also talks about what else he likes to do.

What was the inspiration for Aeranger?

Two, first I have a youtube maker channel called create sci-fi where I share how to make props and costumes and basic DIY filmmaking. I am always am making a new project to make "how to' videos about. Second, my last project was a rotoscope style web series called Galactic Galaxy (at FilmQuest last year Video here: https://youtu.be/LfWG-H-pwlA) that was so stylized that I had to make a very traditionally cinematic movie for my next project to balance it out. That project was Aeranger. One of the actresses in Galactic Galaxy Bobbie Breckenridge was someone who I wanted to work with again. I know she has very strong environmental convictions. When I was thinking of the story and concept, I knew it would be out in nature and involve some sort of touchstone there. I always do that because I work with ultra-low budgets so when I have an actor in mind I write for them to make it worth it to invest their time for no financial gain.

What project(s) do you have coming up you're excited about?

I have two pilots I am trying to get made. One is sci-fi horror and one is post apocalypse sci-fi. In the meantime on my channel, I continue to put out weekly How-To videos and just finished a new DIY no-budget sci-fi web series Zenith Runan '80s inspired buddy comedy coming out very soon.


What was your early inspiration for pursuing a career in film?

My background is in theatre. At the moment I had to seriously consider if I wanted to continue a career in theatre the whole desktop filmmaking revolution began. I realized my passion was storytelling and moved from theatre to film and never looked back.

What would be your dream project?

A genre episodic show that runs for five years and then two years after the show ends we make a where are the characters now feature film.

What are some of your favorite pastimes when not working on a movie?

Building props and costumes.

What is one of your favorite movies and why?

Hard to say one for me it's everything from Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle, these days lots of episodic TV. As far as film there are three movies I watch obsessively and are touchstones for my work. Excalibur1981, Dir. John Boorman The Outlaw Jose Whales 1976, Dir. Clint Eastwood The Three Musketeers (and The Four Musketeers) 1973, Dir. Richard Lester. The thread is the hero's journey. I love allegory framed in genre filmmaking.

You can find out more about Aeranger on IMDb (link).

You can watch the trailer on YouTube (link).

And, you can check out his channel Create Sci-Fi on YouTube (link).

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