lördag 6 juni 2020

OSIF: An Open Source Facebook Information Gathering Tool

About OSIF
   OSIF is an accurate Facebook account information gathering tool, all sensitive information can be easily gathered even though the target converts all of its privacy to (only me), sensitive information about residence, date of birth, occupation, phone number and email address.

For your privacy and security, i don't suggest using your main account!

OSIF Installtion
   For Termux users, you must install python2 and git first:
pkg update upgrade
pkg install git python2

   And then, open your Terminal and enter these commands:   If you're Windows user, follow these steps:
  • Install Python 2.7.x from Python.org first. On Install Python 2.7.x Setup, choose Add python.exe to Path.
  • Download OSIF-master zip file.
  • Then unzip it.
  • Open CMD or PowerShell at the OSIF folder you have just unzipped and enter these commands:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python osif.py

Before you use OSIF, make sure that:
  • Turn off your VPN before using this tool.
  • Do not overuse this tool.
  • if you are confused how to use it, please type help to display the help menu or watch the video below.

How to use OSIF?

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