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Top 13 Highest Paying URL Shortener 2019: Best URL Shortener to Earn Money

  1. is one of the best and most trusted sites from our 30 highest paying URL shortener list.It is also one of the old URL shortener sites.You just have to sign up in the website. Then you can shorten your URL and can put that URL to your website, blog or any other social networking sites.
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    • The payout for 1000 views- up to $20
    • Minimum payout-$1
    • Referral commission-25%
    • Payment methods-PayPal
    • Payment date-10th day of every month

  2. is one of the fastest growing URL Shortener Service. Its pretty domain name is helpful in generating more clicks than other URL Shortener Services, and so you get a good opportunity for earning more money out of your shortened link. comes with several advanced features as well as customization options.
    With you can earn up to $8 per 1000 views. It also counts multiple views from same IP or person. With is becomes easy to earn money using its URL Shortener Service. The minimum payout is $5. Your earnings are automatically credited to your PayPal or Payoneer account on 1st or 15th of the month.
    • Payout for every 1000 views-$5
    • Minimum payout-$5
    • Referral commission-20%
    • Payout time-1st and 15th date of the month
    • Payout options-PayPal and Payza

  3. is also one of the 30 highest paying URL sites.You can earn through shortening links.When someone will click on your link.You will be paid.They offer $7 for 1000 views.Minimum payout is $5.
    You can earn through its referral program.When someone will open the account through your link you will get 10% commission.Payment option is PayPal.
    • Payout for 1000 views-$7
    • Minimum payout-$5
    • Referral commission-10%
    • Payout method-Paypal
    • Payout time-daily

  4. Cut-win

    Cut-win is a new URL shortener website.It is paying at the time and you can trust it.You just have to sign up for an account and then you can shorten your URL and put that URL anywhere.You can paste it into your site, blog or even social media networking sites.It pays high CPM rate.
    You can earn $10 for 1000 views.You can earn 22% commission through the referral system.The most important thing is that you can withdraw your amount when it reaches $1.
    • The payout for 1000 views-$10
    • Minimum payout-$1
    • Referral commission-22%
    • Payment methods-PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union and Moneygram etc.
    • Payment time-daily

  5. is one of the new URL shortener sites.You can trust it.It is paying and is a legit site.It offers high CPM rate.You can earn money by sing up to linkrex and shorten your URL link and paste it anywhere.You can paste it in your website or blog.You can paste it into social media networking sites like facebook, twitter or google plus etc.
    You will be paid whenever anyone will click on that shorten a link.You can earn more than $15 for 1000 views.You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $5.Another way of earning from this site is to refer other people.You can earn 25% as a referral commission.
    • The payout for 1000 views-$14
    • Minimum payout-$5
    • Referral commission-25%
    • Payment Options-Paypal,Bitcoin,Skrill and Paytm,etc
    • Payment time-daily

  6. Linkbucks

    Linkbucks is another best and one of the most popular sites for shortening URLs and earning money. It boasts of high Google Page Rank as well as very high Alexa rankings. Linkbucks is paying $0.5 to $7 per 1000 views, and it depends on country to country.
    The minimum payout is $10, and payment method is PayPal. It also provides the opportunity of referral earnings wherein you can earn 20% commission for a lifetime. Linkbucks runs advertising programs as well.
    • The payout for 1000 views-$3-9
    • Minimum payout-$10
    • Referral commission-20%
    • Payment options-PayPal,Payza,and Payoneer
    • Payment-on the daily basis

  7. is the oldest and one of the most trusted URL Shortener Service for making money by shrinking your links. provides you an opportunity to earn up to $5 per 1000 views. However, the earnings depend upon the demographics of users who go on to click the shortened link by
    It offers a very comprehensive reporting system for tracking the performance of your each shortened URL. The minimum payout is kept low, and it is $5. It pays on 10th of every month. You can receive your earnings via PayPal, Payza, or AlertPay. also runs a referral program wherein you can earn a flat 20% commission for each referral for a lifetime.
  8. is a newly launched trusted link shortener network, it is a sister site of I like ClkSh because it accepts multiple views from same visitors. If any one searching for Top and best url shortener service then i recommend this url shortener to our users. accepts advertisers and publishers from all over the world. It offers an opportunity to all its publishers to earn money and advertisers will get their targeted audience for cheapest rate. While writing ClkSh was offering up to $8 per 1000 visits and its minimum cpm rate is $1.4. Like Shrinkearn, url shorteners also offers some best features to all its users, including Good customer support, multiple views counting, decent cpm rates, good referral rate, multiple tools, quick payments etc. ClkSh offers 30% referral commission to its publishers. It uses 6 payment methods to all its users.
    • Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $8
    • Minimum Withdrawal: $5
    • Referral Commission: 30%
    • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza, Skrill etc.
    • Payment Time: Daily

  9. BIT-URL

    It is a new URL shortener website.Its CPM rate is good.You can sign up for free and shorten your URL and that shortener URL can be paste on your websites, blogs or social media networking pays $8.10 for 1000 views.
    You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $ offers 20% commission for your referral link.Payment methods are PayPal, Payza, Payeer, and Flexy etc.
    • The payout for 1000 views-$8.10
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    • Payment time-daily

  10. provides a big opportunity for earning money by shortening links. It is a rapidly growing URL Shortening Service. You simply need to sign up and start shrinking links. You can share the shortened links across the web, on your webpage, Twitter, Facebook, and more. provides detailed statistics and easy-to-use API.
    It even provides add-ons and plugins so that you can monetize your WordPress site. The minimum payout is $5 before you will be paid. It pays users via PayPal or Payoneer. It has the best market payout rates, offering unparalleled revenue. also run a referral program wherein you can earn 20% extra commission for life.
  11. CPMlink

    CPMlink is one of the most legit URL shortener sites.You can sign up for free.It works like other shortener sites.You just have to shorten your link and paste that link into the internet.When someone will click on your link.
    You will get some amount of that click.It pays around $5 for every 1000 views.They offer 10% commission as the referral program.You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $5.The payment is then sent to your PayPal, Payza or Skrill account daily after requesting it.
    • The payout for 1000 views-$5
    • Minimum payout-$5
    • Referral commission-10%
    • Payment methods-Paypal, Payza, and Skrill
    • Payment time-daily

  12. is one of the most trusted sites from our top 30 highest paying URL shorteners.It pays on time.intrusting thing is that same visitor can click on your shorten link multiple times.You can earn by sign up and shorten your long URL.You just have to paste that URL to somewhere.
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    • The payout for 1000 views-$5
    • Minimum payout-$1
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    • Payment methods-Paypal, Payza, and Payoneer
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  13. LINK.TL

    LINK.TL is one of the best and highest URL shortener website.It pays up to $16 for every 1000 views.You just have to sign up for free.You can earn by shortening your long URL into short and you can paste that URL into your website, blogs or social media networking sites, like facebook, twitter, and google plus etc.
    One of the best thing about this site is its referral system.They offer 10% referral commission.You can withdraw your amount when it reaches $5.
    • Payout for 1000 views-$16
    • Minimum payout-$5
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    • Payout methods-Paypal, Payza, and Skrill
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New Changes To Elemental Pokemon

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I did a new blog post but I really wanted to talk about the changes I did for Elemental Pokemon for this new update.

Since PTD3 came out there has been a lot of confusion around Elemental Pokemon and how they work. They way they previously worked (prior to version 1.19) is that the pokemon would lose its type and become the type of the elemental. With this new change the pokemon will keep its typing but instead add the new elemental type.

Here you can see a Water elemental Geodudce now has three types instead of just being Water
Elementals will now gain a type instead of replacing them.
A cool addition, and something that was suggested on twitter, is that if a pokemon gains an elemental type that it already has that it should power up that type even more. So it will work that way!

Here we have a Water Elemental Seaking, you will notice its type is Water/Water. What this means is that it will get double Stab power increase on its water type attacks!

Water elemental water pokemon will get double the STAB power up from Water attacks!

Along with this change, an elemental pokemon's attacks will no longer get turned into the elemental type. Instead elemental pokemon will be able to learn/relearn moves related to that type.

Here you can see that this Geodude can relearn a number of Water attacks.
Elemental pokemon can now learn/relearn elemental moves.

As you level your pokemon the number of elemental attacks they can learn increases. All the way up to 100. Also some elemental types, like Normal Type, can relearn more moves in general than other types.

That's all I have for the new elemental changes. As always let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy training!

Zak S And #MeToo

Just before going to bed, I noticed a post on MeWe about Zak S. 

Normally, it would be about one of his books, since he is a good writer, and because by this time, I think a lot of people are tired of his drama, his attacks, his harassment, his arguments, his blocking people, his influence on such people as James Raggi and things like Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

It turns out that his former girlfriend just came forward with her story, corroborated with several other women, about Zak S' abuse, assault, and sheer awful behavior towards women.

Here is the public FaceBook post of Mandy Morbid.

Having been in conversations with Zak S, as well as, having lived in a hobby/industry where he parades around like the imaginary king of social justice and roleplaying, I 100% believe these women.  Zak S. absolutely seems capable of what's described.

I feel bad for those he's hurt.  I hope their recovery is swift and sure.

Authoritarians need to be recognized, confronted, and defused ASAP.  Don't wait.  Don't appease them, don't give into their demands, don't bend over backwards... just don't. 

I heard that Zak S. was a socialist.  Normally, this wouldn't be the time or place to mention this.  In fact, at any other time, self-identifying as a socialist would be a "Who cares?" moment, rather than a sub-section of this #MeToo moment.  However, with President Donald Trump coming out and saying that America will never be a socialist country in his State of the Union address, I think it's topical.

Socialism is based on government control. As government expands, that control broadens and strengthens. Power, especially when centralized like that, leads to horrific abuses. Like people being imprisoned and/or killed if they don't conform.  Of course, authoritarians like it when they're the ones in control.  They like to set everything in order - their order - that others have to follow... or else.

Well, I'll never lay down for tyranny.  I don't care if it's Zak S, a foreign power, "democratic" socialists (like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) within our United States, SJWs, armed and masked SJWs (Antifa), or anyone else. 

The moment you try to force me to live by your arbitrary rules, against my self-interest, I know it's time to fight back.

Here's to fighting back against tyrants!


p.s. James, I expect a full retraction of your statement disavowing Jordan Peterson.  He's a goddamn Canadian treasure, and as you're probably aware, the world doesn't have many of those.  Treat him with the admiration and respect he deserves.

Gta Liberty City Stories Beta

GTA Liberty City Stories PC Edition Beta 3.1.1.exe( 265 MB )


Image result for download
                                                                      file size - 265 MB


Android Security Improvement Update: Helping Developers Harden Their Apps, One Thwarted Vulnerability At A Time

Posted by Patrick Mutchler and Meghan Kelly, Android Security & Privacy Team

Helping Android app developers build secure apps, free of known vulnerabilities, means helping the overall ecosystem thrive. This is why we launched the Application Security Improvement Program five years ago, and why we're still so invested in its success today.

What the Android Security Improvement Program does

When an app is submitted to the Google Play store, we scan it to determine if a variety of vulnerabilities are present. If we find something concerning, we flag it to the developer and then help them to remedy the situation.

Think of it like a routine physical. If there are no problems, the app runs through our normal tests and continues on the process to being published in the Play Store. If there is a problem, however, we provide a diagnosis and next steps to get back to healthy form.

Over its lifetime, the program has helped more than 300,000 developers to fix more than 1,000,000 apps on Google Play. In 2018 alone, the program helped over 30,000 developers fix over 75,000 apps. The downstream effect means that those 75,000 vulnerable apps are not distributed to users with the same security issues present, which we consider a win.

What vulnerabilities are covered

The App Security Improvement program covers a broad range of security issues in Android apps. These can be as specific as security issues in certain versions of popular libraries (ex: CVE-2015-5256) and as broad as unsafe TLS/SSL certificate validation.

We are continuously improving this program's capabilities by improving the existing checks and launching checks for more classes of security vulnerability. In 2018, we deployed warnings for six additional security vulnerability classes including:

  1. SQL Injection
  2. File-based Cross-Site Scripting
  3. Cross-App Scripting
  4. Leaked Third-Party Credentials
  5. Scheme Hijacking
  6. JavaScript Interface Injection

Ensuring that we're continuing to evolve the program as new exploits emerge is a top priority for us. We are continuing to work on this throughout 2019.

Keeping Android users safe is important to Google. We know that app security is often tricky and that developers can make mistakes. We hope to see this program grow in the years to come, helping developers worldwide build apps users can truly trust.

Adventure Llama For Android

When other Llamas spit at people and eat grass all day, Pablo is different: 
He explores ancient ruins built by the Inca Llamas of the past! 🏛

Running madly inside the temple, Pablo will find the truth about the native Llamas of a lost time - and get lots of shiny gold artifacts! 💎

Finish levels to get Llama-moneys - then use them to unlock new worlds or get loads of cool costumes! 🎉

🔑 Jump, run, and solve puzzles! 

🎮 Touch anywhere to jump. Anyone can play! 

🏁 Loads of cool levels, plus a shiny new endless mode and a challenging time trial! 

🕶 Use your Llama-moneys to buy costumes and express yourself! 

Adventure Llama : Play Store

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The folks at Parroty Interactive are at it again with another pop-culture parody. This time it's the classic 90's supernatural procedural that falls victim to their particular brand of 'comedy'.  Having a timely release in 1997 when X-Files fever was at a high, there's a lot for The X-Fools to mock, but how does it fare for fans and non-fans alike?

Read more »

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Android Jetpack WorkManager Stable Release

Posted by Sumir Kataria, Software Engineering Lead & Jisha Abubaker, Product Manager

Simplify how you manage background work with WorkManager

Today, we're happy to announce the release of Android Jetpack WorkManager 1.0 Stable. We want to thank so many of you in our dev community who have given us feedback and logged bugs along the way - we've gotten here thanks to your help!

When we looked at the top problems faced by developers, we saw that doing background processing reliably and in a battery-friendly manner was a huge challenge. This meant that periodically fetching fresh content or uploading your logs was complex. Different versions of Android provided different tools for the job, each with their own API quirks. For example, listening for network or storage availability and automatically retrying your tasks involved a lot of work.

Our answer to these challenges was WorkManager. We introduced a preview of the Android Jetpack WorkManager library at Google I/O 2018 and have since iterated on it with additional features and bug fixes thanks to your valuable input.

The goal of WorkManager is to make background operations easy for you. WorkManager takes into account constraints like battery-optimization, storage, or network availability, and it only runs its tasks when the appropriate conditions are met. It also knows when to retry or reschedule your work--even if your device or app restarts.

We believe WorkManager is a friendly, approachable API that can take care of one of the most complex parts of Android for you so you can focus on the code that makes your app unique.

WorkManager Highlights

Here are some key features of WorkManager:

  • Lets you set constraints, such as network status or charge state, on when the task runs
  • Supports asynchronous one-off and periodic tasks
  • Supports chained tasks with input & output
  • Ensures task execution, even if the app or device restarts
  • Supports Android 4.0+ (API 14+)

Watch and read below to learn when and how to use WorkManager to simplify managing background work in your apps:

When to use WorkManager

WorkManager is best suited for tasks that can be deferred, but are still expected to run even if the application or device restarts (for example, syncing data periodically with a backend service and uploading logs or analytics data).

For tasks like sending an instant message that are required to run immediately or for tasks that are not required to run after the app exits, take a look at our background processing guide to learn which solution meets your needs.

How to use WorkManager

To get started with the WorkManager API, add the WorkManager dependency available on Google's Maven repository in Java or Kotlin to your application's build.gradle file:

dependencies {     def work_version = 1.0.0      // Java     implementation "$work_version"      // Kotlin KTX + coroutines     implementation "$work_version"   }

Now, simply subclass a Worker and implement your background work with doWork() and enqueue it with WorkManager.

class MyWorker(ctx: Context, params: WorkerParameters)   : Worker(ctx, params) {   override fun doWork(): Result {     //do the work you want done in the background here     return Result.success()   } }  // optionally, add constraints like power, network availability val constraints: Constraints = Constraints.Builder()      .setRequiresCharging(true)                 .setRequiredNetworkType(NetworkType.CONNECTED)                 .build()  val myWork = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder()                 .setConstraints(constraints).build() 

WorkManager will now take care of running your task when it detects that your device is charging and the network is available.

Why use WorkManager

Backward compatibility

WorkManager will leverage the right scheduling API under the hood: it uses JobScheduler API on Android 6.0+ (API 23+) and a combination of AlarmManager and BroadcastReceiver on previous versions.

It also seeks to ensure the best possible behavior so that it complies with system optimizations introduced in newer Android API versions to maximize battery and enforce good app behavior.

For example, WorkManager will schedule background work during the maintenance window for Android 6.0+ (API 23+) devices when the system is in Doze mode.

Reliable scheduling

With WorkManager, you can easily add constraints like network availability or charging status. Your work will run when the constraints are met and automatically retried if they fail while running. For example, if your task requires network to be available, the task will be stopped when network is no longer available and retried later.

You can also monitor work status and retrieve work result using LiveData. This allows your UI to be notified when your task is completed.

In the event that your work fails, you can control how your work is retried by configuring how backoff is handled.

WorkManager is also able to reschedule your work, using a record of your work in its local database, if an application or device restart occurs.

Control over how your work is run

We understand that each app has unique needs, and so do your tasks--even within the same app. WorkManager provides a simple yet highly flexible API surface to help configure your work and how it is run.

Take advantage of one-off scheduling with OneTimeWorkRequest or recurrent scheduling with PeriodicWorkRequest.

You can also chain your one time work requests to run in order or in parallel. If any work in the chain fails, WorkManager seeks to ensure that the remaining chain of work will not run. Read more about chaining work requests here.

If you require more flexibility over how WorkManager parallelizes and manages work, check out our advanced threading guide.

What developers have to say

redBus, the largest online bus ticketing platform, shares their experience using WorkManager to simplify how they collect user feedback in their Android app:

"Feedback is critical to redBus as we expand into other countries. It often happens that a user gives critical feedback about a functionality within the redBus app but when the app tries to upload the feedback to backend servers, there might not be enough network coverage or battery.
WorkManager has simplified the way redBus app delivers information to it's backend servers. WorkManager library's capability to handle parameters like network connectivity, battery and use appropriate handlers like AlarmManager or JobScheduler has enabled us to concentrate on building business logics and offloading execution complexity to WorkManager."

- Dinesh Shanmugam

Android Lead,

Get started with WorkManager

Check out our getting started guide and hands-on codelab to start using the WorkManager library for your background task needs.

We appreciate your feedback, including features you like and features you would like to see.

If you find a bug or issue, feel free to file an issue.

The Portable War Of 1812.

I have found over the years that in many ways I am a "bear of very little brain". To be more precise, I am one of those who learns to do better by doing than by just reading or being told something (as long as I have read or been told what I need to know before trying).

Anyway, one learns to cope but the process often involves "do overs" and I've learned not to judge rules in particular without at least three games with analysis in between. Two games is however, enough to report on.

PNW Game 1.  Not having a ground scale to work with, I used the frontages of the armies as a basis for scaling map to table. For the 1st game I decided (against my better judgement) to use the single deck activation option.

The US had 7 infantry units, the 2 small regiments in the 1st Brigade being amalgamated for game purposes, a unit of light cavalry and an artillery unit not yet on table. The army counted 33 SP's if you leave out the Commander which I did since I was not allowing him to use any of the commander bonuses as previously mentioned. This gave them an exhaustion point of 11.

The British had 2 infantry battalions and a bunch of detachments which is where it got tricky. I ended up putting 2 Elite rifle units for the Voltigeurs and Mohawks and another for the combined flank companies and Canadians in the gully and a 3 SP infantry unit for the detachment from the 89th Foot. They also had a gun and an off table gunboat. In retrospect I should probably have reduced the SP's  of the detachments and Voltigeurs 1 more each. I also should have counted the offtable gunboat as firing indirect unless the target was right on the riverbank. At any rate that gave the British 22 SP's and an EP of 8. (I didn't count the gunboat)

I then proceeded to deploy the troops historically and follow the original plans as long as possible.

This was the point where I discovered that I was having trouble remembering all the details of the rules (as simple as they are, the rules are still more complicated, or at least detailed, than any I've played in ages). In particular, after all these years I have trouble remembering that units roll to hit themselves in melee. (Ok that's a deliberately contrary way of putting it.) I decided to rename the melee roll as a Saving Throw and that made enough sense that I was able to remember.

What surprised me though was that I hadn't really appreciated how deadly shooting was. A stationary infantry line has a roughly 85% chance of scoring a hit against a target in the open. Even in woods it has a 2/3 chance of hitting dispersed riflemen who have a 1/6 chance to reply effectively. It took me to the last turn to realize that the riflemen could form line in the woods and thus shoot better with no lose in manoeuvrability in the woods. This seemed superficially wrong so I rationalized it as the line representing a unit with a proportion of men skirmishing with the rest in support to the rear.

Since the US forces historically seem to have begun in column with a screen of skirmishers I deployed them in column. In game terms this was as slow as the line but less effective. Even when the columns charged the faux riflemen, the charge bonus was only against line not dispersed. In the ensuing melees the Americans rolled low and suffered heavy SP losses as they pushed the Voltigeurs back. These latter, being Elite, usually rolled up and happily gave ground to avoid losses. So far the result was reasonably historical if a bit too deadly.

In the plain, the US infantry was suffering from deadly artillery fire and struggling to cross the gullies under fire (I treated crossing the gullies as fording a river). By the time they struggled into small arms range of the main British line it was all over. They had lost their 11 SP's. Since the British had no strategic need to drive the Americans back, the battle was over. The US had drawn 80% of the activation cards and suffered 80% of the casualties.

I stopped to review the game then decided to shrink the battlefield slightly, add the extra SPs for the general, change the activation method to rolling for initiative and replay the game with a better understanding of the rules.

The resulting game was quite interesting and enjoyable although the US again did not manage to come anywhere as near to success as they did on the day and their artillery barely made it onto the table. I think the British might need to have their SP's weakened a bit as well as reducing the firepower of the gunboat. A new battleplan for the US might also help.

I'd like to try out the Corps game using fictional armies but those troops are still out of service  and I have other things I want to do so it'll have to wait.

tisdag 26 mars 2019

Build Me A Convoy!

Our Saturday game at Huzzah calls for 10 wagons, carts, carriages etc. I decided to see what I have on hand at the moment.

I have work to do!

Download Ghost Rider Mod For Gta Sandeas

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mod is made for only gta sandeas not for any gta and other self plese dont use this mod for any other gta sandeas hardly reqested for all viwer to read how  to use this go to discrition of mod(dom)

note  dont use any mod usin this mod please  


to activate this mod press home button
to control your bike press control+c
to fire the mod press+x
to atack any one press+tab+r
to give fire well press+t

                                                  mod password is+fulla1 

click here to download click
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         installigation  video will  soon avlable

söndag 24 mars 2019 - Make short links and earn the biggest money

Shrink and Share

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We also provides full mobile supports, you can even shorten the URL and view the stats on a mobile device.

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I am Mr. Sullivan Cromewell.a British citizen, 50 years of age married with three children I am an Accounting Finance Manager of Premier Oil PLC a crude Oil and Gas exploration Company  here in United Kingdom. I would want to go into business partnership with you there in your country.
for details contact me on my email: sllvncromwell (At)gmail (dot) com
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lördag 9 mars 2019

Välkommen till Melodifestivalen!

Hej och välkommen till SVT:s app Melodifestivalen!

Du får det här mejlet eftersom ett användarkonto i Melodifestival-appen har skapats med den här e-postadressen. Allt är klart, så du behöver inte göra något mer nu.

Tror du att något är fel eller att det inte är du som har skapat ett användarkonto, hör av dig till oss genom att skicka ett mejl till

Melloappen-teamet på SVT