söndag 28 april 2019

i will be waiting for your respon

Good day,

My name is Mr.Yuehan Pan, working as head of risk in Bank
of China.
I'm looking for an investment manager / partner who will represents me in
a mutual business.

Please contact me in my private email for more details.
e-mail (yuehanpan01@gmail.com)

Waiting for your news.

Thank you,
Yuehan Pan

onsdag 3 april 2019

UCLan Games Jam 2018

Our 1st and 2nd year Games Design students team up on an annual basis with Music Production and Screen Writing students for the UCLan Games Jam. This never fails to make the final three weeks of Semester 2 challenging and memorable for us all.
This year the theme of the Games Jam is 'Negative Space' and our students are working excitedly in the studios in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to compete to meet the challenge. We've invited several  Industry Visitors to come into the studios to see the work the students are doing for Uclan Games Jam.
We love our students to get feedback from people in the industry 

Thurs 19th April with Scott Swarbrick of Milky Tea Studios,
Wed 25th April with Naomi Robinson, Freelance Games Artist and Illustrator.
plus a visit from Games Designer, Peter Field of 'Media Molecule' on Friday 27th April
for the BIG finale and prizes!

There's lots of exciting ideas and discussion going on within each of the seven teams and it's great to see the progress on their games!

For further details see:

tisdag 2 april 2019

Bring Up The Guns!

Meanwhile, back at Fort Belmont, work continues.
3" Ordinance Rifle vs 9pdr RML
BMC vs BMC/AIP conversion
I really like my antique Britains' guns but I only have two and they aren't easy to come by around here. When one does pop up online they tend to be beyond my current budget. To remedy my shortage of guns I indulged in an AIP sale to buy a couple of Boer War guns even though they are somewhat later my selected period.

My whole painted 54mm artillery park from BMC ACW guns to Boer War Britains' Boer War era 15 pdr RBL and AIP's version of the same gun now masquerading as the earlier 9pdr Armstrong  RBL, and a BMC/AIP hybrid 9pdr RML plus, of course, AIP's Gatling. 
 My rebels needed some ACW guns but all that was left of my score or so  of plastic ACW guns and limbers were a couple of limber horses but the armies went to a good cause (the HAWKS armies for kids initiative) so I don't regret their departure.

I contemplated buying the Miniature Moulds Parrott mould but I also needed more limbers and it occurred to me that one can still get cheap bags of BMC guns and limbers.

Got some work to do here.

Once I had the set of 6 guns and 6 horse-less limbers in hand, I realized I could slightly modify two of the gun carriages to hold the spare AIP RML barrels to kluge a 9 pdr RML on a simple wooden carriage such as those used in Canada.

Hmm, now that I've painted four more guns I suppose I should add another crew for each side as well as doing the limbers, only token two horse teams I'm afraid, the table's not big enough for more.

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måndag 1 april 2019

Start Your Engines!

I've been home sick this week, binging on Scotty Kilmer car repair videos and Dayquil while coughing up a lung. Automobile metaphors are my favorite for discussing the game trade. Let's start with the engine!

Image result for engine diagram 3.6 pentastar
The engine is your inventory. Inventory has revolutions like an engine, measured in turns per year, rather than revolutions per minute. Increasing revolutions in an engine produces power, while increasing revolutions in your inventory produces revenue.

There is no replacement for displacement is the old muscle car term, and it's mostly true. You can tweak solid performance out of your inventory by employing sales techniques and aggressive inventory management, but eventually you'll need a larger displacement of inventory, more money invested. I'm there right now and the old saying is true. However, every store owner knows you can cheat with a turbo charger.

Image result for turbocharger diagram
You can turbocharge your engine for extra performance, which in the game store metaphor means running events. When we went from no event space to event space, we increased performance by 40%! Turbo chargers on cars get similar performance. When we doubled our event space, we increased the size of our turbo charger,  increasing performance by a modest 15%, which pretty much topped out our performance. It's true: There's no replacement for displacement.

Image result for top tier fuel
You're not going anywhere without fuel. Customers are your fuel in a store, of course. A lot of performance is lost to heat in an engine, and a lot of that heat in a game store engine is called the marketing budget, used to obtain more fuel for the engine.

If you've got a small engine, perhaps tuned for a particular application, you're looking for some basic, low octane fuel to get yourself going. Most small stores that only appeal to gamers don't need a very sophisticated engine to achieve their smaller goals. If you have a larger operation that attempts to attract a broad swath of customers to a well capitalized, professional operation built to attract the general public, you need top tier customers. In fact, you might want to turn away the low octane crowd. I don't want to minimize the impact of customers or fuel. Customers and customer service is everything. I used to have an after market four-barrel carburetor on my two-barrel heads that would cough and sputter and occasionally catch fire. You gotta take fuel management seriously.

Image result for mobil one oil high mileageThere's a lot of friction in a high performance engine and that takes high performance lubrication. Staff play that role, including a motivated owner. The higher performance of a store, the more stress is put on the policies and procedures and the staff who moderate them.

I hate to use oil in this metaphor because it assumes oil gets tossed out when it becomes ineffective. In the case of staff, it means staff need to be constantly retrained over time. It's a reason why I don't really like weekend staff, as it's too hard for them to keep up with the constant change in a store. A better staff metaphor would be kidney dialysis, but for now lets imagine a world where we could filter our oil indefinitely!

Image result for exhaust system jeep jk

Alright, I'm going back to bed now. If you're in the area February 10th, we're having our quarterly Ding & Dent sale and it's going to be a big one! That's our exhaust system!

Vroom Vroom!