onsdag 30 september 2020

Kan du överväga att komma tillbaka?



Jag ser att du inte riktigt har kommit igång med Greenely - men det är faktiskt väldigt enkelt! Ange personnumret för den som står på elavtalet och låt även den personen signera med BankID så är du klar!

Med Greenely kan du få svar på följande frågor: 

  • Hur mycket el använder ditt hem per timme, dag och månad?
  • Är du bäst eller förbrukar du mest el jämfört med andra? 
  • Få notiser när vi upptäcker något ovanligt.

Förutom detta får du löpande rapporter i vår tjänst och kommer få ta del av nya spännande funktioner kontinuerligt! 

Öppna appen

Om du ger oss en chans till så tror jag att du kommer lära dig saker som du inte redan visste om din elanvändning. 

Har du inte appen kvar? Ingen fara, ladda hem den på nytt nedan.

Om du har några frågor så kan du svara på det här mejlet direkt så ska vi se till att hjälpa dig :)

Vi hörs,

Drivs av Intercom

lördag 26 september 2020


お支払い方法の情報を更新してください。Update default card for your membership.
マイストア? | タイムセール? | ギフト券

Аmazon に登録いただいたお客様に、Аmazon アカウントの情報更新をお届けします。 残念ながら、Аmazon のアカウントを更新できませんでした。 今回は、カードが期限切れになってるか、請求先住所が変更されたなど、さまざまな理由でカードの情報を更新できませんでした。 


なお、24時間以内にご確認がない場合、誠に申し訳ございません、お客様の安全の為、アカウントの利用制限をさせていただきますので、予めご了承ください。 アカウントに登録のEメールアドレスにアクセスできない場合



fredag 25 september 2020

Behöver du hjälp med att komma igång?



Fredrik här från Greenely! Jag kan se att du inte har kopplat Greenelyappen till ditt elbolag vilket är superenkelt!

Klicka här för att komma till hemskärmen och tryck sedan på "Hämta data".

Öppna appen

Vanliga frågor för som dykt upp när andra har hämtat sin data finns

  • Varför ska jag signera en fullmakt?  
    För att du ska se din elanvändning på timnivå, kunna få analyser kring hur du använder el i hemmet, ta reda på hur du står dig mot liknande hushåll, få varningar vid onormal elanvändning m.m. behöver vi få in information från din elmätare. Efter ditt elbolag fått fullmakten skickar de informationen till appen automatiskt.
  • Är det säkert att signera en fullmakt i appen?  
    Absolut! Vi värnar alltid om din integritet och säkerhet. Signering sker på ett säkert sätt med BankID och vi hanterar all data som känslig information enligt GDPR.
  • Om det inte är jag som står på elavtalet?
    Låt då den i hushållet fylla i sitt personnummer och signera med sin BankID i appen så är ni snart igång blush
    Läs mer här

Kontakta oss på support@greenely.se om du har några frågetecken så ser vi till att hjälpa dig! 


PS. Har du inte appen kvar så kan du enkelt ladda ner den här:

Drivs av Intercom

onsdag 23 september 2020

Välkommen till Greenely! 😊⚡



Välkommen till din resa mot att bli mer energismart. Vårt fokus nu kommer vara att hjälpa dig få insikter i din elanvändning, lära dig konkreta saker du kan göra för att minska dina elkostnader samt vägleda dig till ett mer energismart hem seedling

För att se din elanvändning på timnivå, jämföra dig med liknande hushåll samt få varningar och rapporter så behöver du koppla ditt elbolag. Det gör du enkelt i appen genom att klicka på "Hämta data".

Öppna appen

Tillval: Ännu fler funktioner med vårt elavtal

Vi erbjuder även alla våra användare att teckna vårt elavtal för att få stenkoll på sina elkostnader och en ännu bättre upplevelse. Vi säljer elen till självkostnadspris, med Bra Miljöval och har ingen bindningstid på vårt elavtal - vårt mål är istället att ha så nöjda kunder som möjligt och hjälpa till att minska elkostnaderna.

Genom att teckna elavtalet låser du dessutom upp följande funktioner:

  • Se hur mycket du har förbrukat dag för dag i kr
  • Se elpriset live, timme för timme
  • Se morgondagens elpriser - för 24h
  • Se alla dina elfakturor från Greenely samt status på dessa
  • Få återbäring för varje vän du bjuder in
  • Nya spännande funktioner som släpps allt eftersom!
Till elavtalet

Att teckna elavtalet är inget krav för att använda Greenely men ger tillgång till fler funktioner i appen.

Allt gott,

Drivs av Intercom

Goodbye To Chess

Chess was important growing up. When I finally got my own room as a kid, it was the former den, filled with my father's chess trophies and books from his time on the Penn State chess team. I wasn't terribly into chess, but I read all the books in the den, mostly sports novels (ugh), chess strategy and how-to books. For a while in high school, I brought my chess set and played in science class, where the game was socially acceptable. My player's handbook stayed at home. I was a solid, thinking several moves ahead kinda kid, so the chess books were mostly aspirational. I felt like I wasn't quite smart enough to go full chess, like a wannabe wizard with an eight intelligence. Magic missile was just out of my grasp.

When I opened the store in 2004, I had a very respectable collection of chess sets, amazing really, for a 940 square foot store (amazing equals dumb for non retailers). These were all on full display, and about once a week, I would remove the pieces of each set, dust the board, and put them back on. My father was impressed when he visited. When it came to chess, I knew how to represent. This was all incredibly time consuming and eventually I lost several boxes, making selling them pretty difficult. Oh, and then there were the missing pieces. Realizing the queen is missing from a $250 Egyptian chess set will make you seek out boxed chess sets pretty fast.

As the display sets sold, their replacements tended not to get re-opened, and eventually not re-ordered as the plain white box did nothing to help move them. Chess sets sold poorly. They have always sold poorly. They sell poorly now. Stores in the region who do much better with chess, who dominate with chess? They sell poorly there too. It's a legacy item, an item that says "games" to the general public. It's a touchstone for me and my father. But chess, to be honest, is a complete waste of space.

That's not true everywhere. There are stores in the Midwest that do gangbusters with chess. But here? The serious players buy their sets online, often through chess organizations or just Amazon. In the store, I think it's enough to have a tournament size Staunton set and a roll up travel set, but beyond that there are hundreds of themed chess sets that will make you crazy as customer seek them out. Civil War? Simpsons? Harry Potter? You could stock an entire store with what's out there ... and promptly go out of business.

I used to special order sets and it was time consuming and unrewarding, unlike the work with other types of games. Help a board game customer and you may have created a regular board game customer and maybe even a board game hobbyist. Help someone with a chess set and you've sold them a chess set and you'll never seem them again.

I've watched my classic games numbers stagnate, even when I double or triple my selection. I've tried more and less and different and boxes with pictures and on display and nope, none of it works. It's dead here. I've been foolish not to drop it sooner. I would look at the corner where our "classic" games reside and fantasize about what I would put there. Frisbee golf. A coffee kiosk. Anything but chess.

With 25% Chinese tariffs, I'm extremely concerned about board games. But then there's chess. All those classic games come from China, really. I had forgotten. It's not even on my radar anymore. We just didn't re-order classic games after the holidays and nobody seemed to mind, except the occasional random customer who has clearly never been here before. We send them to the regional store that has a better selection and also doesn't make money selling them. Then that classic game space got taken up with profitable stuff. So with tariffs on the way, a better use of that space, and performance numbers that I use an example at trade shows of what you should drop, I think it's time to say goodbye to chess. Sorry dad.

tisdag 22 september 2020

Procedurally Generated Annotations

Imagine exploring this dungeon:

Dungeon map
Procedurally generated dungeon map

But that's not what watabou's One Page Dungeon generator produced. It produced that dungeon with a title, Underground Lair of the Cursed Lich: For several centuries the lair of the Cursed Lich was considered lost, until recently was rediscovered by a gang of gnolls, and also with text annotations on some of the rooms:

Dungeon map with annotations
Procedurally annotated dungeon map

Big difference! The text sparks curiosity and imagination in a way that the map by itself does not. Is that bard good or evil? Did the bard and cleric know each other? How did seals kill the gnoll?! What does the magic gem do? This type of text is missing from many procedural generation projects, including mine. I love what watabou did here.

Let's look a map from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator:

Continent map
Procedurally generated continent map

But that's not all Azgaar generates. He also generates country names, borders, icons, and other annotations:

Continent map with annotations
Procedurally generated everything

Look at how much more interesting that is!

Zoomed in, the map looks nice, with regions, rivers, and bays:

Region map
Procedurally generated region map

But look how much more interesting it is with town names, roads, and trade routes:

Region map with annotations
Procedurally generated everything

It doesn't take much annotation to make the magic! Just a small amount triggers our curiosity and imagination. Our minds see patterns easily, even when they aren't really there ("apophenia"). This is something I'd like to explore the next time I'm making a procedural map generator.

(Note: this is an expanded version of what I posted on twitter)

söndag 13 september 2020

Procedural Generation In Games

In the last semester, I had the opportunity to be the supervisor teacher in a very interesting graduation work: a deep study about roguelike games and procedural generation behind this kind of games.

Probably, you've heard about this category – roguelike – a type of game characterized by the random generation of maps, scenarios and positioning of enemies. The concept behind these games is complex, but the final idea is very simple.

In computing, procedural generation is a method of creating data algorithmically as opposed to manually, typically through a combination of human-generated assets and algorithms coupled with computer-generated randomness and processing power. In video games, it is used to automatically create large amounts of content in a game. To understand the difference between a roguelike game and a game without this resource, let's take for comparison the original "Super Mario Bros." and "Enter the Gungeon".

In the first title, every single element is always in the same place in the interface when you walk through the scenario; it's even possible to memorize the traps, enemies and platforms for a better performance (as we can see in some "speedrun" tournaments).

The second title is a roguelike game; every time you play it, the scenario and the gaming elements will always change (the weapons, the bosses, the common enemies etc. are always changing in a procedural way).

In the images below, I tried to construct a simple diagram to illustrate the idea behind procedural generation in games.

"Sundered", "Spelunky" and "Enter the Gungeon" are some recent examples that we can bring to this discussion about procedural games, but we have also some examples from the eighties, like the title "Rogue" (the reason that today we categorize these games as "roguelikes").

Undoubtedly, one of the big advantages of roguelike games is the multiple possibility to experience the game every time. Titles like "Enter the Gungeon" offer a myriad of easter eggs, secret passages, special-stage bosses, enemies, weapons, secret characters and much more.


Stuck At Home Looking For Some Free 4X Space Strategy Game?

Hi and welcome back to another rare post from your favorite open-source games blog :) Oh and yes I am also in quarantine due to Covid-19... stay save and stay at home!

So these days I had *some* time to check out recent developments in the probably most "just another turn" time wasting genre: 4x space strategy games.

Hot off the press is a first beta release of faithful modernization of the grand-daddy of this genre (Masters of Orion) called Remnants of the Precursors:

(Click here to watch the above video on Invidio.us instead)

Those sweet graphics come in at a hefty 1GB download and you will need Java to run it. The full GPL3 licensed source-code is available, but sadly the art assets are all under various non-libre Creative Commons licenses. The author is also asking for feedback on the beta via Reddit.

But did I say "faithful"? Yes, this is game-play wise a pretty much exact copy on the 1993 classic. Not your cup of tea? Then maybe it is time to revisit FreeOrion.

This might not be as new or flashy, but it is the real fully libre deal!
What is more? There is now a community run multiplayer matchmaking server with XMPP turn notification support for your multi-week play sessions. Our friends at #libregamenight on Freenode IRC have already organized some nice games with it.

Any other similar games to play during these difficult times? Let us know on the FreeGameDev.net forums :)

Stay save and keep those around you safe as well 😷